We are proud to present our own special blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, entirely from our olive trees and hand-picked on the terraced olive grove at Molino di Bordone, Cortona – Tuscany. 
100% Molino di Bordone olives
Our 2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bright green colour with peppery flavour.

We used only olives from our own trees at il Molino di Bordone, Cortona. This means that you're sure they are not treated with any chemicals, fertilisers or fungicides.  We collect the olives by hand. Harvesting the olives is the hardest part of olive growing and it takes up a remarkable amount of time within the complex olive oil production. How lucky we are to have friends coming from all over the world to help us! psss... hey you! You are welcome to join us for next year's harvesting! Always at the very end of October.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a perfectly balanced blend of three different varieties of olive: Pendolino, Leccino and Frantoio. Those are the typical Tuscan varieties. Once we have collected the olives in baskets we take them to the local mill where they cold press them without adding any chemicals to preserve all the natural flavours and characteristics of our premium extra virgin olive oil. 

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A little bit of History
Tabula Cortonensis
the most ancient document on olive oil and wine
On a sunny day in October 1992 a man found in his land a bronze tablet with strange letters written on it. 
Seven years later, experts agreed that the tablet was a 2200-year-old Etruscan document, later to be known as the Tabula Cortonensis, which records for posterity the details of an ancient legal transaction of a sale of olive groves and vineyards around the area of the ancient Tuscan city of Cortona. 

From our Etruscan ancestors to the present day, we have refined and perfected through generations the fascinating tradition of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil - the delicious "green gold".

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