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The perfect


Every corner of this enchanting propriety is yours to enjoy and explore.
Far from the city centre and from crowded roads,

Il Molino di Bordone is the ideal setting for weddings and private events. Aperitif can be arranged around the pool and relax areas with sofas and poufs can be created all around the propriety. The four large fields surrounding the house can host marquees and gazebos and the car park makes the Molino a versatile location for any numbers of guests.

The close family can also rent the luxurious appartments of the villa to spend the wedding night in the same location.


Whether it is an intimate occasion or a large gathering the rustic soul of the area will always preserve a feeling of intimacy for family and friends.



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We are here always available to meet your requirements and arrange a meeting at il Molino di Bordone. 

We will show you the propriety and the appartments and we will suggest the best wedding planners and catering companies if needed in order to create the most unforgettable day of your life.